By Maya Bhatia
In November 2019, my husband Chandrakant and I were able to visit the SAC hostel Matra Anchal Kanya Vidya Peeth, located in Haridwar, Uttrakhand. We were picked up from Hrishikesh by Shri Anandji Harbola and taken to Matra Anchal Kanya Vidya Peeth, hostel for girls in Haridwar and after that we also visited a hostel for boys, Vatsalya Vatika. We met with Sadhwiji , Nandlalji and Mamtaji and visited several classrooms. The girls were healthy, well behaved, and appeared comfortable. They welcomed us, sang a patriotic song and a bhajan for us.

Apparently some of the girls were sought for matrimonial purposes by local prominent and educated families because of the girls being very cultured and well behaved. We enjoyed our lunch at school with Mamtaji and Anandji. It was nice to hear some interesting stories about Sadhwiji and Mamtaji and about the history of the school.

Thanks to such dedicated and kind people who are shaping and influencing the personalities and future of these girls. Mamtaji indicated that funds were needed to update education to digital level. I have forwarded her email to Renuji, who will be able to arrange help for Matra Anchal Kanya Vidya Peeth. We appreciate the hard work of the staff at hostels like Matra Anchal Kanya Vidya Peeth, supported by SAC.

Our best Wishes for all.

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