Kavi Sammelan – FREE Event

Feb 27 at 8:30PM EST

2021 SAC Shows


SAC routinely hosts world class cultural programs in multiple US cities that serve as great fund raisers and help raise awareness about the various projects undertaken by VHPA. Due to the pandemic SAC hosted highly successful virtual shows in 2020. This year as well, SAC will host exciting virtual events.

Programs will range from comedy shows, instrumentals, musicals, and to dance dramas.

So please mark your calendars and join us on the show dates!

Corona Seva By SAC

SAC supported hostels all over Bharat are involved in several Seva works for Corona relief. Hostels are closed at this time, but staff and resident students are not sitting idle. From Assam Phuloni hostel to Goali Ashram Kolkota, Jamdoli Jaipur, Beawar hostel to Naugarh Varansi – they are all involved.

Tailoring center in Jamdoli and many more are making masks for protection. So far, four lakh masks have been distributed. Food, cooked or raw, is being distributed by all SAC hostels. Maharishi Balmiki Ashram in Naugarh, Varanasi is in the tribal area. Everyday they are cooking for 500 people and a van takes the food in different tribal villages and dedicated workers/volunteers. This is a great job by all SAC supported hostels.

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Our Children, Who Are They?

SAC program selects children from:

  • All the states of Bharat.
  • Socially-economically backward areas and areas affected by Naxalites or other separatist groups.
  • Who are orphans or from very poor parents or where one parent is left and cant take care of the child.
  • Runaway from homes, living on the streets or railway platforms.
  • Children of prostitutes mothers.

Where Do They Live?

SAC has specialized hostels with modern facilities. Each hostel has a kitchen-dining area, dorms for children, toilets, common room with TV, library and other amenities.  Many hostels have playgrounds and swings too. Boys and girls live in separate hostels.

What Do They Do?

  • Children study from first grade to 12th grade of central board certified schools
  • They learn sports, music, art, yoga and other meaningful recreational activities.
  • They learn moral and patriotic values that build strong character.

What Is Their Future?

SAC children have bright future . Many have gone to college for higher studies. We find many students  become doctors, engineers or Ph. D.s in Bharat and abroad also.

Some children get employment at the same hostel or school where they stayed and studied.

Some children decide to go back to their village and get involved in agriculture etc.

Do you have any questions?

Have a quick look at the list of questions we get asked frequently. If you have a specific question in mind, please contact us.

How much does it cost for me to support one child?

A $250 donation will pay for education, housing, lodging & health care for one child for one year and will receive a picture and progress report of the child.

When will I get details of the child I'm supporting?

We will provide the details as early as in two months. However, depending on the institution location, it may take upto six months.

Can I specify a particular state in Bharat for supporting?

Yes, you can. We will do our best to fulfill your desire. If no match is found then we will assign a child from our current pool.

How is the child selected?

The child is selected by SAC volunteers from the list of assigned schools or hostels from our partner organizations.

May I visit the child?

Yes, most definitely. You are encouraged to do so. Write to the SAC director in the USA prior to your visit to Bharat by using our online scheduling tool.

Can I write a letter to the child?

Please do write to the child to show that you care. When you write a letter to the child you may expect a reply.

How much is the administrative cost?

The administrative cost for the program is 9%.

Is my contribution tax-deductible?

Yes, your contribution may be 100% deductible depending upon your specific situation. Please consult your tax-preparer. We are a registered non-profit and our IRS Tax ID number is 51-0156325.

My Company Would Match My Donation - What is the Procedure?

The power of your contribution increases if your company has a program of matching donations. Please follow this simple guide to initiate the matching donation.

Get Involved!

Explore the many ways you can get involved with Support A Child


You can volunteer at your local chapter or enroll your child in an internship program.


You can visit a SAC school or hostel in your next visit to Bharat and meet the children you support.


You can support a child for a year for only $250. Or make a general donation. Thanks for your support.

A Project of World Hindu Council of America VHPA

Contributions are tax-deductible (IRS Tax ID 51-0156325)