Get Involved! Volunteering Opportunities

You can volunteer for SAC in this grand and noble work. Following are the ways to volunteer

Join your local SAC chapter – You can join your local SAC chapter and take part in various activities. The annual fundraiser is a great way to meet other SAC supporters and volunteers.

Connect your child with Bharat – Involve your child in fulfilling the dreams of another child. Connect your child to Bharat (India) through an innovative Internship Program. They can meet and write to the child through SAC. This could be the best gift to your son or daughter. An internship program is available in selected institutions. We encourage sponsoring families to visit also. SAC team believes this is the great way for us to connect with the roots of Bharat.

SAC Internship Program

Who can apply for SAC internship?

Any high school or college student who needs to complete internship hours in the field of social work, education or medical or scout’s eagle or Gold Award can apply for the SAC internship.

What is advantage of joining SAC internship program?

SAC hostels/schools are in every state of India. Your child will have option of staying at your home state, may be close to the family. Your child will have direct access of the children and their day to day activities, where they can learn from each other a lot. Our interns can inspire SAC children to go for higher education. Interns can easily learn Indian language(s) while staying in India and working closely with SAC student(s).

How to apply for the program?

A sample report is available. You can get assistance from SAC Intern Director also. Any paper or information needed from your side will be provided.

Do I have to pay anything or I would be paid?

Internship through SAC is totally free and voluntary.

How can an Intern contribute to the SAC and help students?

Interns can teach English, science or computer skills to students. They can also teach American sports to the SAC students.

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Contributions are tax-deductible (IRS Tax ID 51-0156325)