मातृ अंचल कन्याविद्यापीठ हरिद्वार

During our frequent visits to Bharat, we decided to visit at least one SAC hostel every year. In Jan 2014 we visited Girls hostel (मातृ आँचल कन्या विद्यापीठ , हरिद्वार) in Haridwar, UP. This hostel has 28+ girls, but during day time more girls come from the neighborhood and the same facility runs an elementary school, Saraswati Shishu Mandir. The current hostel is in an old building, with plans to move to a new building soon. As always, SAC hostels are managed by volunteers and teachers who are here more with dedication and commitment. Girls from ages 5 years to 12 years stay in the hostel.

They have a mentoring system to make girls feel like home. Even though the hostel has a cook and other cleaning help, girls share the work. We talked with many girls who reside in the hostel and they are very happy and feel at home. Besides getting educations, these girls are learning art and craft and above all great Hindu Sanskaar. These hostels, one for boys and one for girls are the vision of great leader of Hardwar Sadhvi Shri Kamlesh Bharti ji. Local businesses and residents give full support to the SAC hostels in terms of food, medicine, school supplies etc. Many share their gifts of family celebrations.

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