Shri Shakti Peeth – The Unique SAC Hostel

We visited a very unique “Shree Shakti Peeth” supported by SAC facility. Should I
call it Ashram, home, hostel or combination of all? This hostel is located in a small village called Jaam Doli , 10 km away from Jaipur on route to Jaipur Agra national highway NH 11.

Shree Shakti Peeth is the vision of Sadhvai Samdarshi ji. Sadhavi ji young dynamic
Sadhu who is disciple of Sadhvai Ritambhra ji. Sadhvi Samdarshi ji was student of engineering , has been active member of Durgavahini, women wing of RSS, but her urge for spirituality forced her to leave studies and mover her to path of sanyaas.

After personal sadhna, sadhavi samdarshi ji settled her home town JaamDoli on the
land given be her family. This places used to be near Shamshan and no body wanted
to come. Sadhavi ji lived alone in one room for two years and did her Penance. Sadhvaiji’s donation to the upleftment of society made her open the doors of ashram
8 years backs.

Slowly Shree Shakti Peeth became the home of poor, deprived, and abandoned women and children. Many young mother abandoned by families, poor pregnant
women, children who had to leave education due to poverty got solace at her home.

Sadhavi’s Shree Shaktipeeth is very unique place. This looks like a home with three
bedrooms, living rooms, kitchen , clean bathrooms and a mandir. Devoted woman called mother to 16 girls/boys living in the ashram runs this asharm. These students go to near by accredited school and rest time spend at third new home.

This ashram is blessed by Sadhvi ji and managed by Priyanka ji who is ex-student of the hostel she controls budget, data keeping and all day-to-day running. These girls/boys are coming from different parts of country and with different backgrounds. Sadhvi ji have provided funds to the students to restart the education. They provide nutrition to the pregnant women who are abandoned.

Sadhvi ji have started one very inspiring project called “Raksha Rakhi”. This program has begun by Sadhvi ji after the death of Shaheed Hemraj. Lance Nayak Hemraj from Haryana was brutally killed by Pakistani coward troops and they did not return his head. This brave soldier was killed in 2013. In the respect of shaheed Hemraj, group of 50 sisters go to the border and tie Rakhi to their brothers protecting the nation. I was moved very much with this initiative.

Now sadhvi ji wants to convert this home to bigger hostel to accommodate more girls and continue all the programs. Most of the girls settled in near by 100 miles radius once the finish their studies. These girls stay in constant touch of Ashram because they feel this place as their home. Many girls are studying technology, nursing and some are married too. Sadhavi ji personally does kanyadan of the girls from ashram.

Sadhvi ji has very bitter experience even as Sadhvi, she says every girl in the nation must have strong ground and floor above. She is determined to fight all the odds and
move to her goal.

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